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Characteristics of Energizers

We’ve all had the experience of working with “Debbie or Danny Downer.”  The person who doesn’t like any new idea and has a thousand reasons why something won’t work.  We’ve probably also all experienced that person who’s full of energy … Continue reading

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What It Takes To Be A Great Boss

If you are a manager of people, guess what?  43% of your employees think they can do your job better than you if they switched positions with you for a day.  A Florida State University study found that (40%) of … Continue reading

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What do you do when what you’re doing doesn’t make you happy?

Over the past year, a lot of interest has been shown by our viewers, in articles focused on how to change careers. If you find changes on your job have occurred either a new boss, new assignments or responsibilities that … Continue reading

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The Millennial Generation

We’ve heard a lot about the fact that for the first time there are five generations in the workplace. For some it means, working with someone who is significantly younger or older than you are. The Millennial generation (Gen Y) … Continue reading

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What are the traits of a Great Boss

The Employee Help Source Forum topic this week is the traits of a great boss. Most of us want a boss who listens, provides feedback, cares about our job, recognizes our work and says thank you. These are the easy … Continue reading

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