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Has The Meaning Of “Dressing For Success” Changed For Women?

Last summer we posted an article about dressing for success.  It received a lot of views and I began to wonder if business attire for women has changed much.  After reviewing a few articles and youtube videos, I have come … Continue reading

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The Hazards Of Working In a Sedentary Job

The hazards of working in a sedentary job are often overlooked.  We think because we don’t do physical activities that we have less risk of injury or illness at work.  Research is showing that sitting for extended periods of time … Continue reading

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E-mails on the weekend and after hours.

I don’t know about you, but for me the advances in technology have resulted in an expectation that I am always available,  whether it’s after work hours or on the weekend.  I frequently have had e-mails from peers, bosses, business … Continue reading

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