Has The Meaning Of “Dressing For Success” Changed For Women?

Last summer we posted an article about dressing for success.  It received a lot of views and I began to wonder if business attire for women has changed much.  After reviewing a few articles and youtube videos, I have come to the conclusion that it hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. 

The articles I read continued to reinforce the importance of dress at work.  How we look informs people about who we are, like it or not.  Many experts believe that how a person dressed influenced decisions on whether people were hired or promoted.  The recommended dress for women working in a business office environment continues to be dark or neutral colors, suits and basic pumps. 

Check out our article and video posted on this topic at: 



Join our discussion on the forum and vote on the poll question.  “Do you think the expectations for women’s business attire has changed?

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