Making the transition from being an entrepreneur to an employer

For anyone that has started their own business making the transition from a one-person operation to bringing on additional people can be tough. Once you are actually making enough money to hire someone, you still have to figure out the scope of the job and identifying how this job will help you grow your business. Depending on your needs getting the additional help you need can be accomplished in different ways. You can hire an employee, contract with an individual or company to help you with the work or perhaps some combination of the two. This seems straight-forward enough but our experience tells us that so many mistakes are made in making this transition. The biggest one seems to be having a clear job description and job duties. Without accomplishing this step you will spend valuable time in training and managing a person who does not have the tools to be successful.

Join our forum discussion on the most important considerations in transitioning from entrepreneur to employer on the Employee Help Source forum ( or join us on Facebook: Employee Help Source, LLC.


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