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What questions do you wish your employer had asked but never did?

43% of employers survey their employees annually to measure employee satisfaction.  Most employee engagement surveys ask questions about the following:                         Mission and purpose Communication and feedback             Teamwork             Customer service and quality             Perception of career and … Continue reading

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Employment and the EEOC’s Updated Guidance on Employer Consideration Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions

The Society of Human Resource Professionals did a survey of employers and found that 72% conducted criminal background checks on all job candidates. This can be a huge barrier to employment for any job candidates with a criminal record. We … Continue reading

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Making the transition from being an entrepreneur to an employer

For anyone that has started their own business making the transition from a one-person operation to bringing on additional people can be tough. Once you are actually making enough money to hire someone, you still have to figure out the … Continue reading

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Supercenter or Club Warehouse — Are they the end of our neighborhood Grocer

We have all witnessed the increased number of supercenters and club warehouse retailers in our communities.  You probably remember the outcries when the first Walmart came to your neighborhood.  Now, consumers are driving this trend.  People want one-stop shopping and … Continue reading

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E-Mail Is For Old Folks

     E-mail was born in 1971 and celebrated it’s 40th birthday this past year.  Who would have thought that in 40 years there would be 2.9 billion e-mail accounts and that 72% of the U.S. population with e-mail would be … Continue reading

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Has The Meaning Of “Dressing For Success” Changed For Women?

Last summer we posted an article about dressing for success.  It received a lot of views and I began to wonder if business attire for women has changed much.  After reviewing a few articles and youtube videos, I have come … Continue reading

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The Hazards Of Working In a Sedentary Job

The hazards of working in a sedentary job are often overlooked.  We think because we don’t do physical activities that we have less risk of injury or illness at work.  Research is showing that sitting for extended periods of time … Continue reading

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