E-mails on the weekend and after hours.

I don’t know about you, but for me the advances in technology have resulted in an expectation that I am always available,  whether it’s after work hours or on the weekend.  I frequently have had e-mails from peers, bosses, business partners that arrived after work hours or on the weekend with an expectation to be dealt with after work or by Monday.  Sorry boss, but you know it’s true. 

This is a touchy situation, especially if you have a job where critical issues need to be responded to immediately.  At the same time, who wants to be that person that no matter where they are they always have their eyes downward reading their text messages or e-mails on their blackberries.  We have just posted a new article in our “After Hours” Resource Room.  Take a look and share you advice or stories here on the forum.

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Characteristics of Energizers

We’ve all had the experience of working with “Debbie or Danny Downer.”  The person who doesn’t like any new idea and has a thousand reasons why something won’t work.  We’ve probably also all experienced that person who’s full of energy and excitement about new ideas, exudes optimism and everybody wants on their team. 

The affects of “energizers” has been studied and their positive attitude actually elevates the performance of a team.  So, how do you turn “Downers” into energizers?  We recently posted an article in our Conference Room Resource Room that tells us how to create this transformation.  Take a look at the article and join our forum discussion and share you own personal turn-around story.

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What It Takes To Be A Great Boss

If you are a manager of people, guess what?  43% of your employees think they can do your job better than you if they switched positions with you for a day.  A Florida State University study found that (40%) of exiting employees left because of their bosses not because of their job. Employees also felt that the most important quality for doing their bosses job would be communication and listening skills.

If any of this surprises you, join our forum for a discussion on what it takes to be a great boss.

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What do you do when what you’re doing doesn’t make you happy?

Over the past year, a lot of interest has been shown by our viewers, in articles focused on how to change careers. If you find changes on your job have occurred either a new boss, new assignments or responsibilities that have changed your level of job satisfaction you may want to consider a change. This is not an easy decision to make. You may be giving up tenure or benefits based on length-of-service and the comfort that comes with familiarity. So, how do you determine if making a change is in your best interest?

Figuring out what you really want to do is not always easy. Part of that answer is clearly affected by what you are qualified for and able to do. Employee Help Source can help you answer these questions and create a work-plan for launching your new career. There is a lot of free information and tools to help you get started. Check us out at employeehelpsource.com

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The Millennial Generation

We’ve heard a lot about the fact that for the first time there are five generations in the workplace. For some it means, working with someone who is significantly younger or older than you are. The Millennial generation (Gen Y) is the largest and most influential generation since the Baby Boomers. What do you know about the Millennial generation? Who are they and how are they different from other generations? Have generational differences affected you in the workplace? Check out the new article posted in the “Executive Suite” Resource Room (http://employeehelpsource.com/rooms/) and our featured video (http://employeehelpsource.com/fun_stuff/videos) on this topic. We’d like to hear your comments.

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What are the traits of a Great Boss

The Employee Help Source Forum topic this week is the traits of a great boss. Most of us want a boss who listens, provides feedback, cares about our job, recognizes our work and says thank you. These are the easy traits to identify. But, there are additional traits that are equally important but not always as easy recognize like professional courage, mentoring and providing a safe environment for people to be creative (even make mistakes) and know that they are supported. Join the discussion and share your “great boss” experience .

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How to quickly boost up your resume before applying for a job

Do you often wonder if there is anything you can do to boost your resume a bit prior to applying to your dream job? Have you applied to jobs and felt like your resume just fell into the employer’s “resume black hole”?

We found a great article called “A Résumé Checklist: 13 Things to Do Before You Apply for the Job” and have placed it in our resource rooms for you. SHare your story with us and check it out!


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